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  • How to judge your electric tricycle is scrapped

    How to judge your electric tricycle is scrapped

    Every electric tricycle will be scrapped after running for certain period, and you should stop using a scrapped tricycle, otherwise it will cause some accidents. But do you know how to tell whether the electric tricycle is scrapped or not? If not, Changzhou Hong Mao Vehi...
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  • Electric cars and electric tricycles, which is better to choose? Do you know?

    Electric cars and electric tricycles, which is better to choose? Do you know?

    In recent years, with the rapid development of electric vehicles and electric tricycles, gradually these vehicles are entering into the homes of many users. However, many users are in a difficult position to judge and make choices? For this problem, my answer is that for...
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  • Precautions for using three wheel electric garbage truck

    Precautions for using three wheel electric garbage truck

    Electric garbage trucks have gradually replaced fuel vehicles from recent years, which is also one of the future trends of social development. Easy charging, low noise and zero emission have also become the advantages that electric garbage trucks have in the market. As i...
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  • Electric tricycle purchase common sense and attention

    Electric tricycle purchase common sense and attention

    When selecting an electric tricycle, first please choose the branded one. Good brand ensures good quality and after-sales service. The second is the configuration of the electric tricycle. The key components, such as motor, battery, charger, differential axle, front and ...
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  • Maintenance of electric tricycle!

    Maintenance of electric tricycle!

    In order to protect your safe travel, follow Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd., today to learn about the maintenance of electric tricycles! Electric tricycle maintenance includes checking whether all the screws and nuts of the whole vehicle are strong, whether...
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  • Advantages of the Electric Three-wheeled Vehicle

    1. Flexible Movement and Low NoiseThe most significant advantages of the electric threewheeled tricycle are its mobility and flexibility and low noise level,  which make it suitable for use in places where there are many people. They are ideal for use inresidential areas, parks and schools becaus...
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  • Official Sourcing & Purchasing Authorization From A South American EV Manufacturing Company

    Based on the trustworthy product qualities and on-time professional services that we delivered to our customers through our exporting company “Changzhou Multi-Tree Trading Company” , one of our electric tricycle customers in South America has finally authorised our exporting company t...
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  • Technical Service and Supports

    Technical Services and Supports Available with Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Our company is equipped with professional technical engineers from manufacturing plants directly and is able to provide wide range of technical services and supports to our customers Our technical services and supp...
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  • Lithium Ion Battery or Gel Lead Acid Battery?

    1. What are your prices? We promise we will offer the most competitive prices to all our customers. Our prices may fluctuate due to different factors such as exchange rate, order quantity, time period, level of customization, and different trade terms, etc.   2. Do you have a minimum order quanti...
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  • CFOSE Expo 2020 in Ludhiana

    Ludhiana, Punjab – 11th edition India’s No.1 Bicycle Fitness Sports & Electric vehicle Expo named as CFOSE was held on 28th,29th  February  & 01st March 2020 at Punjab Agriculture University Fair Ground, Ludhiana (India). Green Shuttle Technology is one of our customers in India who parti...
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  • Which Is Better for Electric Vehicles? VRLA Lead Acid Battery, or Tubular Lead Acid Battery?

    Battery is the power source which provides electric power to the motor, and the motor finally drives the electric vehicle. Taking lead acid battery for example, before we come into any conclusion, we shall make clear of the major differences between them: The lead acid batteries are mainly divid...
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  • cross-border consumption is more frequent and diversified

    According to a report released by the jingdong big data research institute, Chinese goods have been sold through cross-border e-commerce to more than 100 countries and regions including Russia, Israel, South Korea and Vietnam that have signed cooperation documents with China to jointly build R...
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