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Electric Mini Passenger Trike-Land Elf B

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 200 Pieces
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    Name: Electric Enclosed Passenger Tricycle / Closed Cabinet Passenger Tricycle / Electric Passenger Tricycle / Electric Rickshaw / Electric Passenger Tuk Tuk / Electric 3 wheel Tuk Tuk / 2 Seats Electric Passenger Tricycle / Family Use Electric Trike
    Model: MT-A-QW-04B
    Motor power: 60V 1000W BLDC
    Battery capacity: 60V 52Ah Gel SMF lead acid battery / 60V 50ah Li-ion battery / 60V 100ah Li-ion battery
    Tyre size: 3.50-10 tubeless type
    Max speed: 32Km/h
    Display: LCD speedo meter with battery SOC indication and turning signals
    Max mileage: 60Km(Gel battery) / 80 ~ 120Km(Li-ion battery)
    Max load: 2 passengers + 1 driver ( 350Kg)
    Vehicle size: 2200 L x 1100 W x 1635 H
    Vehicle weight: 300Kg
    Vehicle body: Welded carbon steel structures with E coating
    Brake: Combined disk brakes and hand parking brake
    Lighting: EEC certified headlight, front&rear indicators, brake light, reverse light and number plate light
    Sunroof with fans, luggage rack, bumpers, spare tyre : Optional


    This electric passenger tricycle for adults, also sometimes called electric enclosed passenger trike, is designed and made for the exclusive transportation purposes for any adult or family. With its enclosed cabinet and electric wiper, the driver and the passengers inside this trike are perfectly shielded from rain, dust, chills, noise, and even COVID-19 virus. It can be used to make daily shoppings, send and pick children to and from schools, visiting friends and relatives nearby, sight-seeing, etc.

    Zero emission make your entire journey be 100% environmentally friendly. Dual LED head lights offer the perfect lighting in an energy effective way.

    Traffic jams and parking are no longer constituting any problems to you because its compact size enable it travel through many narrow lanes and short cut passages. And with only 1.1 m width, it could easily find anywhere to park.

    The standard model is configured sunroof with electric fans and light, disk brakes, soft suspension, multi-media suspension, spare tyre and rim, front&rear bumpers and seat belts.



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