Electric Passenger Car with AC

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    Name: 2020 New Arrival Electric 4 Wheel Passenger Car / New Style High Class Electric Car / Best Quality Passenger Car / Electric Car with AC / Cheapest Electric Car with AC / New Energy Low Speed Electric Car / Luxury Electric Passenger Car / 4 Wheel Low Speed Electric Car / Low Speed Electric Family Car

    Model: MT-A-QW-09

    Motor power: 60V 1000W / 60V1200W BLDC

    Battery capacity: 60V 52Ah Gel SMF lead acid battery / 60V 50ah Li-ion battery / 60V 105ah Li-ion battery

    Tyre size: 4.00–12 tubeless type

    Max speed: 32Km/h

    Display: LCD Multi-function touch screen

    Max mileage: 50Km(Gel battery) / over 55Km(Li-ion battery) / 100Km

    Max load: 2 passengers + 1 driver ( 300Kg)

    Vehicle size: 2500 L x 1180 W x 1650 H

    Vehicle weight: 300Kg

    Vehicle body: Welded carbon steel structures with E coating

    Brakes: Front and rear both disk brakes

    Special features:

    Air conditioner(single cooling mode) is optional - for hot region

    Electric heater is optional - for cold region

    1. Central big LCD touch screen(please see below photo), which enables you to listen radio, play music and movie from your USB stick, play music from your mobile phone by bluetooth connection, view photos from your USB stick, shows the real running speed, battery SOC, single trip range and ODO range.
    2. Its door windows are controlled by a button electrically, just like a car.
    3. It has a remote control key, which allows you to lock and unlock the door, just like a car.
    4. It has a sunroof, with electrical fans and light on it.
    5. It has a reverse camera, which allows you to see rear view when you reverse it.
    6. It has a sound signalling system(including all lamps in front and at the back side, horn, reverse horn)

    7. It has an electric heater which can blow hot wind into the cabinet in winter time.



    This "Electric Passenger Car with AC" is designed and made for the exclusive transportation purposes for any adult or family. With its enclosed cabinet and electric wiper, the driver and the passengers inside are perfectly shielded from rain, dust, chills, noise, and even COVID-19 virus. It can be used to make daily shoppings, send and pick children to and from schools, visiting friends and relatives nearby, sight-seeing, etc.

    Zero emission make your entire journey be 100% environmentally friendly.

    Four-wheel structure enables more stable performance during turning on bumpy roads.

    Traffic jams and parking are no longer constituting any problems to you because its compact size enable it travel through many narrow lanes and shortcut passages. And with only 1.15 m width, it could easily find anywhere to park.

    The standard model named "New Energy Low Speed Electric Car" is usually configured with an electric hot wind blower which takes electric power from the battery and convert it into the hot air and blow it into the cabinet. This helps warm up the room inside the vehicle during winter time.

    The upgraded model named is configured with a separate cooling air conditioner. This air conditioner can largely lower the temperature inside the vehicle so that people do feel comfortable by traveling with it in the hot region during summer time, especially.

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    Electric Passenger Car (Model: MT-A-QW-09)
    Battery 60V 52Ah Gel battery or 60V50Ah li-ion battery
    Motor 60V 1000W / 60V 1200W BLDC
    Controller 60V dual 18tubes
    Charger Matched auto-cut smart  charger - 110V/220VAC
    Differential Medium duty type with disk brakes
    Chassis/body Medium duty type, with superior durability
    Wheel&tyre Aluminum alloy wheel with 4.00-12 tubeless tyre
    Suspension F:Telescope shocker, R: spring + damper
    Wheel Base(mm) 2000
    Steering Angle 45 degree
    Max. Gradeability 10 degree
    Maximum Speed 32Km/h
    External dimension(LxWxH) 2500x1180x1650
    G.W. without battery About 300Kg
    Maximum Load(Kg) 3 persons incl. driver
    Maximum Mileage(Km) 55Km with Gel battery /65Km with li-ion battery
    Charging Time Abou 8 hrs(gel battery) / 4 hrs(li-ion battery)
    Multi-Media Touch Screen Yes, with radio, music play, movie play, bluetooth music, bluetooth phone call. 
    Air Conditioner Yes, optional
    Sunroof Yes, with dual electric fans and light
    Door Lock Remote control type(car type)
    Reverse Camera Yes, automatic type with HD camera
    Door Window Control Electrically controlled type
    Electric Heater Yes, hot wind type, optional

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