Changzhou Hong Mao Tsheb Kev Lag Luam Co., Ltd.


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Kev cob qha cov chaw tsim tshuaj paus Nrog Ntau tshaj 20 Xyoo Kev

Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd.

Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd., located in Jiangsu Changzhou City, is an electric vehicle manufacturing plant who processes full manufacturing experience and vast expertise in design, manufacturing and supplying various types of low and medium speed electric trucks, loaders, tricycles, and scooters with wide range of applications from public & private passenger transportation, cargo transportation, civil construction, garbage handling, cleaning, and sight seeing. We endeavour to forge long-term and mutual-win partnership with our customers, by offering to our customers with quality products at competitive prices, as well as on-time delivery,  vehicle assembly training,  repair&maintenance training, trouble shooting training and homologation support.

Our Mission: Make people around the world enjoy our electric vehicles

Our Vision: Redefine the short distance transportation in green and economical ways.

Our Value: RIGHT – Responsibility, Integrity, Greenness, Happiness, Team spirit


Kev cob qha cov chaw tsim tshuaj paus Nrog Ntau tshaj 20 Xyoo Kev


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