Professional Manufacturer na ihe karịrị afọ 20 Ahụmahụ

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Professional Manufacturer na ihe karịrị afọ 20 Ahụmahụ

Changzhou Multi-Tree Trading Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Multi-Tree Trading Co Ltd., located in Jiangsu Changzhou City, is an exporting company owned by three manufacturing plants who processes full manufacturing experience and vast expertise in design, manufacturing and supplying various types of low and medium speed electric trucks, loaders, tricycles, scooters and bikes with wide range of applications from civil construction, garbage handling, cleaning, public & private passenger transportation, cargo transportation and entertainment. We endeavor to forge long-term and mutual-win partnership with our customers, by offering to our customers with quality products at competitive prices, as well as on time delivery, continuous technical training, supports and adequate spare parts. Our Mission: Make people around the world enjoy our electric vehicles Our Vision: Redefine the short distance transportation in green and economical ways. Our Value: RIGHT – Responsibility, Integrity, Greenness, Happiness, Team spirit

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Professional Manufacturer na ihe karịrị afọ 20 Ahụmahụ


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  • Technical Service and Supports

    Technical Services and Supports Available with Multi-Tree Trading Company Our Multi-Tree Trading company was formed with the purpose of exporting businesses by the directors of three electric tricycle manufacturing plants, so our company is equipped with professional technical engineers from manu...

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    Ludhiana, Punjab – 11th edition India’s No.1 Bicycle Fitness Sports & Electric vehicle Expo named as CFOSE was held on 28th,29th  February  & 01st March 2020 at Punjab Agriculture University Fair Ground, Ludhiana (India). Green Shuttle Technology is one of our customers in India who parti...

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