cross-border consumption is more frequent and diversified

According to a report released by the jingdong big data research institute, Chinese goods have been sold through cross-border e-commerce to more than 100 countries and regions including Russia, Israel, South Korea and Vietnam that have signed cooperation documents with China to jointly build “One Belt And One Road”. Online commercial relations have expanded from Eurasia to Europe, Asia and Africa, and many African countries have achieved zero breakthroughs. Cross-border online commerce has shown vigorous vitality under the “One Belt And One Road” initiative.

According to the report, among the 30 countries with the largest growth in online export and consumption in 2018, 13 are from Asia and Europe, among which Vietnam, Israel, South Korea, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria and Poland are the most prominent. The other four were occupied by Chile in South America, New Zealand in Oceania and Russia and Turkey across Europe and Asia. In addition, African countries Morocco and Algeria also achieved relatively high growth in cross-border e-commerce consumption in 2018. Africa, South America, North America, the Middle East and other areas of the private business began to be active online.

According to the report, the number of orders of “One Belt And One Road” construction partner countries using cross-border e-commerce consumption in jd in 2018 is 5.2 times that in 2016. In addition to the growth contribution of new users, the frequency of consumers from various countries purchasing Chinese goods through cross-border e-commerce websites is also increasing significantly. Mobile phones and accessories, home furnishings, beauty and health products, computers and Internet products are the most popular Chinese products in overseas markets. In the past three years, great changes have taken place in the categories of commodities for online export consumption. As the proportion of mobile phones and computers decreases and the proportion of daily necessities increases, the relationship between Chinese manufacturing and the daily life of overseas people becomes closer.

In terms of growth rate, beauty and health, household appliances, clothing accessories and other categories saw the fastest growth, followed by toys, shoes and boots, and audio-visual entertainment. Sweeping robot, humidifier, electric toothbrush is a large increase in sales of electrical categories. At present, China is the world’s largest producer and trading country of home appliances. “going global” will create new opportunities for Chinese home appliance brands.

Post time: Oct-15-2019
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