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Electric cars and electric tricycles, which is better to choose? Do you know?

In recent years, with the rapid development of electric vehicles and electric tricycles, gradually these vehicles are entering into the homes of many users. However, many users are in a difficult position to judge and make choices? For this problem, my answer is that for a mid or long distance travel it is better to choose electric cars; but for a short distance commute or inside an urban travel, it is advised to choose an electric tricycle. Why? Here are five reasons to explain in details:
1. From the viewpoint of the load: Electric car is mostly in small size, with limited load capacity. The general maximum load of a few hundred kilos. While the electric tricycle has a cargo compartment with a higher load, generally can carry nearly 1000Kgs. Therefore, from the point of view of the load, electric tricycle is more advantageous.
2. From the viewpoint of power: Mainstream electric vehicles generally use a motor power of about 350-1500W, while the motor power of electric tricycles is generally about 800-2000W. In comparison, the electric tricycle power will be more adequate, more advantageous.
3. From the viewpoint of range: The normal range of ordinary electric car is about 60-100 km, and some models can reach about 150 km. The normal range of ordinary electric tricycle is 50-80 kilometers, and there are few models that reach 100 kilometers. Therefore, from this point of view, electric cars are more advantageous.
4. From the viewpoint and license: The operation of ordinary electric car is relatively convenient, and is easy to obtain the license, in addition. Due to the incomplete traffic rules and regulations in different countries, an electric tricycle more difficult to get its license for on-road driving. Therefore, from this point of view, the ordinary electric car will be more advantageous.
5. From the point of view of comfort: There is basically no obvious noise in driving an electric car, and the vehicle's suspension is better. While the electric tricycle is noisier, the suspension effect is general, and not that comfortable for long-time driving. It means that an electric car is more comfortable.
In summary, in terms of load and power, electric tricycle performance will be more prominent, which shows that if you need to carry cargo travel, choose electric tricycle better. And in terms of range, operation and licensing, price and comfort, ordinary electric vehicles will be more advantageous, which means that the electric car driving experience is better and suitable for daily travel. Therefore, for users, they can choose the corresponding models according to their own use.

Post time: Oct-14-2021
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