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Electric tricycle purchase common sense and attention

When selecting an electric tricycle, first please choose the branded one. Good brand ensures good quality and after-sales service.
The second is the configuration of the electric tricycle. The key components, such as motor, battery, charger, differential axle, front and rear suspensions, brakes, controller, tires, etc.
The third is to pay attention to the material of the electric tricycle. As the electric tricycle is a kind of transportation tool for passengers or cargo, so the materials requirements for making it shall be also in good quality. Generally speaking, a good electric tricycle chassis made of seamless steel pipes, because of the high strength of steel pipes, can ensure the entire body strength and thus is not easy to get deformed. By visually check the thickness of the chassis beams, welding seams and painting, you could judge the manufacturing quality of the vehicle chassis.
The fourth is that we have to look over the appearance of the electric tricycle and test the riding experience. Normally a brightly colored (pained) appearance, a smooth start, an effective braking, and an comfortable riding are also the major signs for a good electric tricycle.

Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. suggests that you shall pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The glossy and clean paint surface, free of abnormal colors, wrinkles, cracks or corrosions.
2. Even and seamless welding joints, with proper grinding and polishing quality.
3. Judge the thickness of the steel materials by tapping them with fingers.
4. Test the vehicle by starting, driving, accelerating and stopping. Check if there is a strange noise during the normal riding or not.
5. Load the tricycle with people or cargo and drive it on both flat roads and slopes to check the output power of the vehicle's powertrain.

Post time: Sep-24-2021
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