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How to judge your electric tricycle is scrapped

Every electric tricycle will be scrapped after running for certain period, and you should stop using a scrapped tricycle, otherwise it will cause some accidents. But do you know how to tell whether the electric tricycle is scrapped or not? If not, Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd., an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in China, offers detailed explanations about it. In fact, you can judge that the electric tricycle is scrapped in case of any one of the following four characteristics.

Maximum electric driving range is less than 10km

A new electric tricycle usually has a driving range of over 50km. But if the maximum driving range of an electric tricycle is less than 10km, it means that it is close to the scrapped state, because the battery generally cannot be repaired when the maximum driving range is within 10km and you have to buy a new electric tricycle.

Seriously aging frame

Typical electric tricycles are used to transport goods, so they should have strong load-bearing capacity. And if the frame has been seriously aged, you must scrap your electric tricycle and buy a new one. Do you know why? The answer is simple. The frame’s load-bearing capacity will be greatly reduced and safety risks will be generated in case of aging frame. You may wonder whether you can re-weld the frame, and the answer is no. Re-welded frame will reduce electric tricycle stability and lead to safety risks.

Frequent accessory failures

An electric tricycle with frequent motor, controller, tires or battery failure should also be scrapped. The main reason is that frequent failures of accessories indicate that the accessories are aged and even close to the end-of-life state, so you can only buy a new electric tricycle to solve the problem. In addition, Changzhou Hong Mao does not recommend you repair them, because repair costs get higher and failures will easily occur.

Low speed with abnormal noise

Finally, you should be careful when the electric tricycle slows down with abnormal noise, and it should be scrapped. Low speed and abnormal noise mean that parts failure occurs, and it’s difficult to repair these parts. Few maintenance personnel can solve the problem, so it’s recommended to change a new electric tricycle.
If your electric tricycle is featured by any one of the above four characteristics, you don’t have to repair it and should buy a new one.

Post time: May-12-2022
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