Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

Official Sourcing & Purchasing Authorization From A South American EV Manufacturing Company

Based on the trustworthy product qualities and on-time professional services that we delivered to our customers through our exporting company “Changzhou Multi-Tree Trading Company” , one of our electric tricycle customers in South America has finally authorised our exporting company to carry out all the strategic sourcing, purchasing and technical services for them in China since May 2019.



This is a potent proof to our company for our excellent products and services for years. We are quite proud of such customer-oriented authorisations and are open to all other customers who are really in such similar needs.

Furthermore, our company is quite aware of all customer related confidential information and has taken a potent control in use and distribution of such information with the prior approval of our customers.

We do hope more and more oversea customers would trust us by placing a first trial order to test our credibility, quality as well as the service.

Post time: Jul-14-2020
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