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Precautions for using three wheel electric garbage truck

Electric garbage trucks have gradually replaced fuel vehicles from recent years, which is also one of the future trends of social development.
Easy charging, low noise and zero emission have also become the advantages that electric garbage trucks have in the market.
As in urban waste transfer, garbage trucks need to start and stop frequently for transfer and loading operations, so garbage trucks are in a low-speed driving state, and the selection of models are generally screened from the vehicle working characteristics, speed, load and other requirements.
The use of electric garbage truck has greatly improved the work efficiency of sanitation workers, reduce the work intensity of sanitation workers, more humane electric garbage truck in the city's use of significance is great, it represents not only the electric garbage truck industry, but also the electric vehicle industry, a microcosm of the new energy sector, is a future trend of urbanization, but also a cultural city of a performance.
In front of the general trend, the promotion of new energy is also the necessary embodiment of green travel.
The three-wheeled garbage truck has the characteristics of energy saving, low cost and high flexibility, which is convenient for sanitation workers to collect garbage and debris at any time, and is a good helper in cleaning work.

So what are the precautions for using the three-wheeled garbage truck?
1. Do not intentionally lower the tire pressure when using the three-wheeled garbage truck.
2. Check the tires frequently for nails, damage, aging and cracking of rubber at the air door.
3. When passing through steep slopes, crossing more than four motorways or when the car gate fails on the way, you must get off and push.
4. Check the three-wheeled garbage truck battery box for corrosion and welding when in use.
5. Do not pull the vehicle or be pulled by other vehicles.
The above is a three-wheeled garbage truck use precautions, such as related issues can be concerned about the website consultation.

Post time: Sep-29-2021
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