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Technical Service and Supports

Technical Services and Supports Available with Changzhou Hong Mao Vehicle Industry

Our company is equipped with professional technical engineers from manufacturing plants directly and is able to provide wide range of technical services and supports to our customers

Our technical services and supports are including but not limited to:
1.Vehicle manufacturing training and commissioning at the customers’ sites
2.Vehicle modifications
3.Vehicle optimisation and upgrades
4.Trouble shooting and analysis
5.Homologation support
6.Vehicle repair and maintenance
7.On-line support

We usually provide vehicle manufacturing and commissioning services to our regular customers in our vehicle manufacturing plants in Changzhou city free of charge. In case our customer requires such service at their site, we will send engineers to their place and they will only need to be responsible for the related transportation, hotel and food for our engineers.

Vehicle modifications, optimisations and upgrades are considered and performed when our customers are having different requirements which our existing vehicle models are not able to meet fully. Such modifications are load capacity increase, space increase, safety improvements, range increase, function increase and comfort increase.

Trouble shooting and analysis are key elements to ensure the vehicle problems are properly identified. Even though we have already used quality components and strengthened the production uniformity with strict quality control, our vehicles may still have some minor problems when they put into application on different terrain under different temperature and moisture and in different driving habits.

Although many countries have not imposed strict road legal regulations on the electric tricycle due to its low speed and small size, but homologation is still a critical link that many customers can not avoid if certain governments do have clear regulations on electric tricycle. Homologation is a test and verification procedure conducted officially by the local government to ensure that the electric tricycle does comply with the road safety regulations and can ply on road safely. Lamps, tyres, wheels, horns, brake system and electrical isolation are mostly concerned for testing during homologation procedure, and our company is able to provided such already certified parts so that our customer can direct use and avoid part homologation.

We also provide our customer with on-line technical supports and key spare parts (through email, wechat, whatsapp and other social media) so that they really enjoy their vehicles without malfunctions.


Post time: Jul-06-2020
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